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Game Feel

Last weekend I attended a class on "game feel" taught by Steve Swink of Blurst fame, now of Enemy Airship. The whole class was about how tweaking small details of a game's design can contribute to the player feeling more

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Building Blocks

Blocks Result

Since the last update, I've been working on several tools that will help speed up the game's production. My most recent tool is something that will help me with art and level design. It's a Minecraft-like block based construction tool.

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The Forest Biome

Forest Biome Windmill

This was a very productive past week, especially with regards to the "Forest" biome. First, I added a persistent "pollen" particle effecThis is to add some movement to the world around the player, here in the form of bright yellow

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A New GUI, Sound Design and the Beginning of Summer

This past week, I've completely converted the game's menu interface so that it uses the NGUI middleware for the Unity game engine. It's a real joy to work with, especially compared to my old system, EZ-GUI. The old interface system

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Biomes and Getting Lost

For the last week I've been experimenting with biomes, ala Minecraft. Basically, I was successful in creating some randomly placed forests using a simplex noise generator. Perlin noise is widely used, so there isn't a ton of support out there

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One-Year Anniversary

I've been developing Against the Wall for over a year now! Working on this game has been a life changing experience. For instance, it has helped me get into NYU's new MFA program for game design starting this Fall. This could slow

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PlayExpo and Texture Improvements

Over the weekend Against the Wall won People's Choice at Long Island University's PlayExpo. It's a small competition, and was a good opportunity to show my game off. All of my efforts to promote my game have been paying off.

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Pictures From the Latest Build

Here are some updated pictures from the latest release of Against the Wall, version alpha 0.52 (click to enlarge):

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Post-PAX East and Alpha 0.52

So PAX was a success, at least in that I survived through to the end. I made a ton of contacts, and have been busily sorting through this stack of cards and sending out emails. In the meantime, I've released

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The Lead-up to PAX East

A lot has happened in the past week Today, For instance, I got into the NYU Game Center's MA program for game design! Need to go and accept their offer now. Last Thursday, Against the Wall was featured at a

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