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Save and Load

Ever spend hours fixing something that turned out to be simple oversight? I just spent two hours on a portion of the "load" script that was loading chunks with additional info from all the other chunks. Hard to explain, but

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In the last few days, I implemented head-bobbing and "chunk overrides", which basically preempts the procedural generation of certain chunks to insert author or player created bricks and other items. Took a big chunk of time to do so, but it serves

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Brief Update

My grad school finals period ended last Monday and now I have some time to work on the project. Problem is that without time constraints, production has actually been slower. I can probably say that I've accomplished more in the

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The Infinite Wall

Just a few updates since last week that will lead to my Alpha 1.0 release of the game. First, I implemented an inventory system in which the player can store and use items that they pick up. This is akin

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Against the Wall (Alpha 0.1)

Against the Wall Prototype Version, created for the Ludum Dare #20.

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