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Solid Week of Work

Man, I just spent the entire last week doing nothing but coding and working on this game! Several days were devoted to art. The player will be able to walk around a small town during the second level of the

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My Head in the Clouds

I spent half of today on coding and the other half on finishing up some textures for the windmill-elevator contraption. As I mentioned yesterday, the elevator in this first building functions like a ski lift. The elevator car has four

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New Windmill Art

I spent Tuesday working on new art for the game's windmill starting area. The first building will essentially function as a machine powering an elevator that will lift the player high into the sky. It's basically a vertical ski lift

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MarbleMind's Climb of the Patient

MarbleMind sent this video to me in earlier in July, though I'd share it here:

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A (sort-of) Review!

Free PC Gamers has posted a link to my game! I've been getting some extra traffic as a result of this. Thanks guys! The next version has been slow going because of work, but this is my passion, and I

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I just realized it's been a nearly a month since my last update! I've been working for a web company this last month and time just slipped by. I've been working on the project in what spare time I have,

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Irregular Chunks

I feel like a rockstar! After 2.5 days of programming, I've finished rewriting the procedural generation code so that the seams between the chunks all but disappear! Before, chunks were perfect squares of 64×64 brick spaces. Technically they still are,

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Post-Competition Game

Now that voting for the Ludum Dare is over and the scores have been released, I've decided to put up a build of the newest version of Against the Wall. You'll find the web player on the Play page. Since

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Against the Wall (Alpha 0.2)

Version Alpha 0.2 of Against the Wall, a first person platformer originally conceived for the Ludum DareĀ  competition #20. The Theme for that competition was "It's Dangerous to Go Alone, Take This." In this game, the player is on a

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Sound and Tangents

Today was spent entirely on writing a sound manager that instantiates a small number of audio sources that are repeatedly used, for footsteps, the movement of bricks, etc. I've also given the world an ambient wind sound for good measure.

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