Nothing Trivial

It has been a while since my last post, sorry about that. Thanks to everyone for being patient and cool about the long dev cycle for this project. It’s been a huge undertaking, but this game is my baby, and I want to get it right before I release it into the world.

I’ve recently redone the game’s state system, weather, biomes, brick generation, props, saving system, settings, you name it. The task ahead is still huge, basically just the actual reconstruction of the game world (that is, level design). The tech side of things is close to where it should be, except for whatever bugs pop up.

Now it’s a matter of placing all the props and polishing the game until it’s release-ready, content and level design. Creating 3D art has always been my greatest weakness. It often feels like a futile exercise, taking me weeks to produce any given asset, and I’ve never been quite satisfied with what turns out. For now, I’ll just use placeholders for everything that I cannot do myself, and just focus on getting the levels playable.

In terms of overall artistic direction, I am making a world that needs to feel like a “beautiful void,” in the mold of Myst. The wall is a lonely, lifeless place where you are a small helpless speck clinging to its surface for survival. This world doesn’t know or care about you. it’s a monolith that will continue existing on forever, long after you abandon it. However, at the same time this strange world can be scaled, explored, studied, and eventually understood for what it is.

Actually executing on this vision has been nothing trivial. I constantly feel like the end is in sight, yet in execution it feels like it’s miles away.