I’m happy to report that I’ve made some progress on Against the Wall.

The game has been on hiatus for quite a while. I started a new job and had to step away from it for a bit, not really finding the time to work on my passion project.

I figured the best way to get things going again was to completely restart production. I created a new project and began importing and re-factoring my old code, leaving out anything extraneous, creating a new versioning repository, not including any of my old 3D art, etc. The idea was to start as fresh as possible while still retaining the core functionality of the game. I still have a way to go, but it feels good so far.


The biggest gameplay change that I’m planning: you can only save the game at certain points, located in the cities or in remote shacks. Thematically, these locations are hideouts, complete with hearth fires ala Dark Souls. This will make the game considerably more challenging, no more saving after every jump. It will also give players a focused mid-term objective of finding the next hideout.

The game has also been upgraded to the latest version of the Unity Engine (took longer than I imagined to get that working), and the final game will support DX11 on Windows machines.

I’ll post again once I’ve made a bit more progress.