April Update

Progress on Against the Wall has been rather sporadic. I upgraded to Unity 5 and have been fixing bugs. Otherwise, I have not been able to devote real time to development. For this game, I need solid weeks of time for any new feature or level, which translates to me needing extra cash to support myself. I just don’t have the resources to continue working on it full-time and also pay for food or rent (or maintain my sanity).

Currently, I’m working at a local game company while holding a TA position at NYU. I’m also developing smaller, more minimalistic games that I can churn out in a week or two. AtW is rather over-scoped for one person. I feel stuck and unable to make my dream a reality. I know, poor me, but that’s the truth.

So what now? A Kickstarter campaign is an option I’ve been floating, but that would require quite a bit of work to create the video and plan the rewards. I could use some help in this area, if anyone has ideas. I also have a second game called Asterisk that I made back in school which is about 3/4 of the way to completion. It’s like a multiplayer FTL crossed with Star Control, yet somehow minimalistic. That game could perhaps use a little crowd-funding love as well.

Also, today marks the release of GameLoading: Rise of the Indies. It’s a documentary that’s wider in scope than Indie Game: The Movie, though it still does focus on the more established indie scene. I’m in the film a total of five times, dropping some hard-earned truths (with a smile). Mostly, I talk about the difficulty of surviving in the industry from the perspective of a solo, independent developer

My ultimate dream is to create cool, fun games that kinda mess with peoples’ heads, while still making enough to support myself. Nothing makes me happier than watching other people react to my work, shouting orders at each other in a co-op game, talking smack in my local multilayer joints, or remarking in wonder as they explore a mysterious, strange, and twisted world that I made.