As promised, here’s the results of my recent implementation of a weather system, and the retooled sky.

5 thoughts on “Weather and Sky Test Video

  1. That’s very nice!

    In response to your last post: I’m really curious which weather system you were referring to when you spoke of bad code. I understand if you don’t want to name and shame the package publicly, but I’m looking to purchase one of several available plugins for use in Volo Airsport and would rather not have to rewrite such a system entirely. 🙂

  2. mzandvliet: I would avoid all of the packages for weather systems and roll your own. They will never work for your specific requirements. My needs were highly specific, it needed to look good at a 90 degree angle. In terms of particles, I am using Storm Effects as a base.

    dustin: Thanks! This one took a few iterations to get right, glad that you like it.

    UnShame: Oh man! I didn’t even realize that, I don’t exactly use the feed myself. I’ll have to fix it now. Thanks for the heads-up! The rain and snow come in from an angle, along the same direction that the wind blows. It blows in from higher up. Thanks for the compliment!

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