I put the old cloud-billboard system out to pasture and replaced it with a retooled sky dome shader. The shader now allows the backdrop clouds to move relative to player movement, so that as the player falls, the clouds respond by appearing to rise upwards (I fake everything, nothing really moves). This new version of the sky also features a higher-resolution texture, and it adds colors together rather than multiply them… well, practically, this means that when clouds overlap each other, they no longer appear to be bright white.
I’ve also written a weather script from scratch. I had purchased a weather system off of the Unity asset store, but will be using it for its art rather than its junk scripting. Really, it said in 4000+ lines of code what I was able to do in 100. Before this whole deal, I was merely transitioning the fog color when the player crossed biomes. Now, it transitions:

  • Ambient color and fog color/intensity
  • Post-processing fog color/intensity
  • Sunlight color/intensity
  • Sun shaft intensity
  • Atmosphere Color
  • Rain and mist intensity/sound

The weather system is mainly used to regulate differences between the six biomes. Each biome has a fixed weather pattern that is associated with it. I’ll post a video when it’s further along.

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