Against the Wall at IndieCade

The other week my game was featured at IndieCade. I traveled out to Culver City in LA to show off my game in the “Digital Selections” tent. First, I participated in the IndieXChange, a meeting of many of the devs who submitted to the festival. It was an interesting meet-and-greet, and I felt at home with all the other New York City people who were there. The following days were spent inside the tent, which was rather packed. I had to do a number of random bug fixes that patched over issues that broke the save function.

IndieCade Selection 2012

While I managed this fix, auto-saving at checkpoints just was still not happening. Despite this, people managed to climb up to the forest area without too much difficulty or falling at all. I spent the better part of one day just sitting back and covertly watching people play the game. Having the developer hovering over somebody’s shoulder can be intimidating to some, and certainly changes how people play. At no point did people seem lost or frustrated with the controls, so that was a huge relief. I managed to get some good feedback all-around.

This past week I gave a short talk at NYU that was supposed to be me going over my IndieCade experience, but instead I just went on a rant on my ambitions for this project. All well and good. Met a few fans of the game there as well!

Right now, my plan is to submit to a few festivals and also get a Greenlight page up as soon as possible. I’ll need to create a new trailer at some point soon as well. If anyone is willing to assist me in creating a video for credit in the game, send me a message through the site’s contact form.

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