So PAX was a success, at least in that I survived through to the end. I made a ton of contacts, and have been busily sorting through this stack of cards and sending out emails. In the meantime, I’ve released the new and improved version alpha 0.52 of Against the Wall. Not much is different in this version on the content side of things. Rather, this is a graphical facelift, changing the skybox, the wand, major bug fixes, higher resolution textures, performance improvements, and new structures for the city. This release is also compiled with Unity 3.5, the newest version of the engine. All the bells and whistles of the new version are included… in addition to all the new bugs. Will be seeing a Unity rep tomorrow at this meet up in the city. He’s going to be giving a talk about iOS optimization. I don’t really care about mobile, but techniques for improving performance is a subject of great interest to me. The faster I can get the game to load chunks, the more seamless it is and the better it will run on low-end machines.

Oh, and I heard that my game was mentioned in the Giant Bomb panel at PAX East! I’ll need to check this out right now, as a longtime fan of the site.
Edit: Here is the video of the audience member asking a question to Patrick. Thanks for mentioning the game’!

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