Against the Wall against a wall. Kill Screen Party - GDC 2012

I survived my first GDC! The highlight was Thursday’s party held by the magazine Kill Screen. I was given a corner of the lower floor of the club Public Works to show off my game. I really have no idea if the party was good or not, to be honest. I stood there for 5 hours shouting above the music to anyone who had questions about the project. Never left the spot until the room was clearing out. Meanwhile, I┬áreceived some good insight into how drunk people play my game. It was also fun to see a crowd gathering around to see where random players would go next. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to speak with me!

At GDC itself, the IGF floor was certainly the best part of the whole expo. I had a very limited pass, so I could not attend any of the many sessions there. I will be sure to get a conference pass next year. Hopefully I will have more expendable income at that time (and perhaps a station at IGF!).

There isn’t much that I’ve learned at the expo, business tips aside. I met a ton of interesting people, and hope to follow up on some of the contacts that will help the progress of Against the Wall along.

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