Let me update everyone on the project a bit. I’ve been marketing, designing, bug fixing, and getting ready for a few events.¬†Early in the month, I made plans to attend GDC this year. My game will be on display at Kill Screen’s GDC party on the 8th. This is my first GDC, and I can’t wait to be there!

Joystiq did an Indie Pitch feature on my game. Thanks to Jess Conditt for doing the interview!

Tomorrow I’ll be presenting my game at the New York Indie Dev Meetup at NYU Poly. I’ll be doing a playthrough of the alpha and answering some questions. Also, on Thursday I’ll be presenting at the NY Gaming Meetup.

On the practical side of things, I’ve been testing my game on various platforms for compatibility, with the help of an organization called Eyebeam. The game doesn’t run well on older Macs, and Macs in general are very iffy with all the settings on. I will need to buy a mac in the near future, I think. The playtests at Eyebeam were also helpful, in terms of seeing how people play the game, where they go, and how they tackle puzzles.

Finally, I’ve added XBox controller support back into the game’s Windows version. Other versions of the game will still the XBox controllers, but not as extensively. Today I uploaded a new version of the game with this feature added.

2 thoughts on “GDC, Joystiq, and Meetups

  1. I finally tested on a mac and only saw what can be described as a bloom lag on the graphics, the previous update seems a bit easier w/ collision and kind of made me miss the glitchier collision b/c i started imagining my player getting a knee up and struggling for a foothold.

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