Against the Wall - Gold Brick Forest

Today I released an updated version of Against the Wall! There is one new area in the forest that serves as an introduction to gold (auto-retracting) bricks. There are also a number of visual enhancements and gameplay tweaks. Most notably, there is an option for “Falling Death” in the options menu. With this on, falling at a rate of around 50m/s (~112 mph) causes the player character to die upon landing. It is off by default, but I would still like some feedback on it.

I’ve been working on this update for much of the past two weeks. Some of the gameplay additions from December and from my time in Texas are not a part of this demo. Rather, those art assets and brick types will be saved for closed beta releases and the final game.

This week my composer Zoe Blade will be working on the soundtrack for the game. I’ll get back to you with updates on how that goes. Also, I’m going to begin looking for artists in earnest now. I’m at a point where the game is playable and fairly stable, and I need to populate the world with interesting environments and events.

Let me know what you think of this release in the forum or by contacting me. Thank you!

7 thoughts on “A New Release of the Free Alpha

  1. wish I would have seen this earlier, have to find some time after work to test it out.  Can’t wait for the beta and pick me, pick me for artist:)

  2. No cave stuff yet, sadly as I found out tonight.  Gold bricks are fun, good departure from the overplayed white, grey, and green.  I’ve had a good nose for good games this past decade and this game keeps me coming back.  Confirmed that falling death works just fine!

  3. No bouncy bricks yet.  That was what I was hoping to see :(Good job on everything else though, of course! :DI didn’t see the option for falling death, gonna test that now 🙂

  4. Tested falling death, only thing I have to say is that (maybe) you should add a sound effect to the death.  Like a loud ‘THUMP’ or something that sounds like your bones just got shattered. 😛  It is kind of anti-climactic to have all that wind sound and blur, but no noise on collision.

    1. The justification for no “thump” sound was that the player character dies before the sound of the collision reaches his/her ears. Glad that people are reacting positively to falling death, since I plan on including it for the final game. And yup, only gold bricks are introduced for this release. I’m saving caves and bounce bricks for later levels.

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