I didn’t exactly go on vacation this weekend. I was working pretty much non-stop, save for a family function:

I fixed problems with the texture atlas generator, which will allow the wall and bricks to use multiple textures with a minimal performance cost.

I created a new brick type: bouncy bricks. They function similarly to the repulsion gel from Portal 2. When you bump into one, it throws you into the air with a force proportional to your speed before you touched it. Unlike repulsion gel, you cannot safely walk on top of it before jumping, it will launch you into the air as soon as you touch it, and it has a strong minimum force. It’s a ton of fun to use, really. Also, since I arc the player slightly upwards, I’ll be able to set up puzzles where the player is bounced around the world like a pinball! Bounce physics also apply to any dynamic objects in the environment (that is, non-kinematic rigid bodies)

I also tweaked the physics for when players hold objects to run more efficiently. Still need to fix some of the jittering that happens when pressing an object such as the scarecrow into other objects.

Also, the shader for clouds has been tweaked so that they now interrupt the sun’s rays. I also experimented with giving shadows to clouds, and for darkening the sky when the sun is behind one. However, I did not like how such effects interrupted gameplay. It is harder to make out individual bricks when there are always random shadows moving over them.

Following a suggestion from 3phen, I’ve changed the player’s hit box so that he fits into 1×2 meter areas easily. In addition, the player model will no longer be caught on the edges of bricks when being pushed.

That’s it. Will keep everyone posted, as usual.

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