Here are a couple of shots from two sets of models that I whipped up yesterday. Note that they currently lack any textures.

Following my decision to go big and physically-incorrect, I’ve created new assets for a farm set and a mine set. The farms (first picture) have fields suspended in the air from giant metal rings, and are fed water from tanks. The player’s path will cross by a few of these fields, though most of them will be there for decoration to give the impression of an expansive farming community. Some other field models will be built for resources that grow on vertical surfaces. There will also be granaries, farm houses, and sky piers.

The second set is for a “mine” area.  Mines explain where metal and stone resources come from. Players will be able to step slightly into The Wall from these mines. The super-structure that extends from The Wall includes a storage platform that is connected to a short pier. Above the pier is a rail for a crane.

Will be working on some brick types for the rest of today. Will keep everyone posted!

Against the Wall - Farm

Against the Wall - Mine

11 thoughts on “Farm and Mine Models

  1. Well. not looking for anything in particular, just churning out little things here and there. What kind of objects do you have?

  2. Now you can see the block scale and it looks like some great opportunities for the player create their own paths through the mega scale.  Good call on the suspension!

  3. Speaking of suspension of disbelief, from your previous post, you obviously have the right idea.  Worlds don’t need to be physically correct, they just need to be internally consistent — don’t explain something in detail unless you’re going to stick to that explanation, otherwise, it’s fine to be vague and leave things up to mystery!Which leads me to this question: if the stone and metal materials come from mining inside the wall, where does the dirt for farming come from?

  4. Nothing yet,  I’m trying to learn blender at the moment.  I was just wondering if you’d accept any objects, like tables, chairs, weird things, etc? 🙂

  5. 3phen: Well, The Wall will not be entirely made of stone. I’m working on the compatibility with additional textures today. The reddish immobile bricks will most likely have a clay-like texrture.

    anubis: Well, I’m not really accepting outside resources. Will hire a pro when the time comes to refine my models. Thanks for the offer though.
  6. Mining?  I thought you’d just pull out a segment, knock off the dirt part (used for farming fields) then keep pulling it out until you hit metal ore.  If you struck a vein of gold or other precious metals you could pull out segments to “follow” the vein.  As for farming, I can see how it might be fun to pull out segments to make rice fields, or platforms with irrigation system puzzles.  Lots of possibilities there.

    1. Pretty much, although this isn’t a player activity. I’ll be focusing on creating a more focused game experience, basically centered around the push/pull game mechanic, so no Harvest Moon on the wall.

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