Kickstarter Goal Reached! (also alpha 0.35)

Thank you to everyone who supported this project and contributed to the Kickstarter campaign! This has been an exciting few days for me, and I’m glad that my dream is finally in-motion.

Just a note, I’ve updated the game to version 0.35. It’s a minor bugfix update which should addresses a physics-related issue. Also, I’ve posted a Mac stand-alone version of the game. Let me know if you encounter any problems with this build.

A New Composer

Hi Everyone! In the last week, I have reviewed all of my options with regard to composers and have decided on hiring Zoe Blade. I’ve had several conversations with Zoe and realized that she was a perfect fit for this project. She understands the particular feel that I am going for, and has made a few example pieces that demonstrate this. We have also spoken at length about programming, geek culture, workflow, and setting the mood in games. I am happy to have her on the project!

The soundtrack should be ready by February, and be composed of a number of ambient tracks inspired by soundtracks from Riven, Ico, Journey, and the movie Inception. She has worked on the music for documentaries such as Get Lamp, Viva Amiga, Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts and 8-bit Generation.

You can listen to her soundtracks on Bandcamp.

November News

I’ve just launched a new forum for Against the Wall. I’ve also updated the game a few times to fix some bugs in version a0.34.
The game also has a post on Kotaku. This really made my week, and drove 16,000 people to my site! thanks to everyone for the overwhelmingly positive response!
I’m working on a trailer for the game with the help of my friend Jen. The Kickstarter video is just not polished enough for prime time. I’m going to be recording a new narration and sending in some clips on Saturday, and using some royalty-free music as a placeholder.
By the way, I’m fixing a bug where held objects such as the scarecrow fall through the elevator floor. Apparently some folks out there are treating this object as a sort of companion cube and dragging it up the wall as they go. I love this. I spent a bit of time yesterday fixing this issue, though there are still problems with the second moving platform. Transporting the scarecrow from the beginning to end of the game would be an interesting achievement…