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This past week I’ve been pretty single-minded in my goal of spreading the word about the game. It’s tough, especially since I’m an unknown indie dev trying to enter a saturated market. I did one interview that has yet to be published, have responded to most of the emails sent my way, and I’ve posted in a couple of forums. Certainly not good enough. Will have to start contacting media folk if I am to really put the game out there. Oh, and one fan is making a fan forum for the game, so that will likely spur some interest. A friend of mine is also going to be making a proper trailer for the game, and another friend is using just spreading the word around.

Thank you to the guys at /v/ for nearly a thousand visits!

My work on the game itself has been limited to bug fixes that correct issues with clipping into the scenery and save functionality in the webplayer.

Also, went to an indie-game and Unity3d meetup at Jagex HQ in New York City. Was a fun time, and I learned about some of the mistakes other developers have made in the past (topic was Post-Mortems).

That’s the story! Will get back to work now.

2 thoughts on “Getting the Word Out

  1. Hey man, i just stumbled upon this while link surfing absoultely LOVE It :D. you know a great indie game when you pick it up and just get immersed in it. Showed it to a couple of friends who absoultely love it and can’t wait for new builds to release 🙂

    I can see this game becoming quite popular if more people find it 🙂

    Keep up the BRILLIANT work.

  2. Hey I saw a post on kotaku.com leading to “Against the Wall”. I love it! Very creative and unique. It’s also incredibly fun 😀 I’ll be telling my friends about this one. I’m definitely pledging now.

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