The project now has a page on! This is exciting for me. I’ve put a ton of work into getting the game to where it is today, though it still has bugs and no developed story. I really hope that people enjoy the game and wish to see this project continue into a fully developed product.

There are a few mean bugs that I hope to root out soon. I am using an expensive but broken GUI system called EZ-GUI… it works when it wants to. I have spent far too long trying to figure out its idiosyncrasies and developing workarounds for it.
Another thing I have to tackle is the transition object between the city and the forest. At the moment it begins moving in a forward direction, any jump made while pressing against the object’s face will cause the player to clip through and fall into the sky. The player will not respond to object-parented triggers and colliders that would intercept the player.
There are some other bugs that I am currently facing, like the player occasionally clipping into moving bricks. It’s a physics related bug tied to the speed at which bricks extend and how fast a collider can react to fast-moving objects. I’ll take a day to figure this one out.
Also, I’ve been writing a bit more on Twitter about myself, or at least what’s going on around the project. I’ve only been on it for a couple of months, but I’m starting to feel comfortable on it. That’s all.
Will keep everyone posted. Please remember to spread the word on the game!

2 thoughts on “Kickstarter Campaign Launched!

  1. Nice kickstart. This has a lot of potential… and when I say a lot, i mean a lot. I hope the best of luck to you. I really enjoyed the alpha version alone, can’t wait to see it when it gets more updated 🙂

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