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If you want to reach me or if you find any bugs or have problems running the game, post in the forum or please contact me. If the game is playing slowly, press ESC and enter the Options > Graphics menu and turn off some of the settings.

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  • Use the direction keys or W,A,S,D move the player. Press space to jump.
  • Click the left mouse button to interact with objects.
  • The Escape key calls the menu and frees the mouse from the webplayer.
  • Right click on the game when in a menu and select Full Screen to view the game at its maximum size.
  • F5 Quick Saves the game, and F9 Quick Loads it. F8 loads the player at the last checkpoint

This version adds checkpoints that automatically save the player’s progress when reached.
Edit 10-23-11: (a0.34b) I’ve raised the starting platform slightly to make the initial platforming area a bit easier.
Edit 10-26-11: (a0.34c) The game has been tweaked so that checkpoints and saved games work correctly in the webplayer, and players no longer clip through moving bricks.
Edit 11-1-11: (a0.34d) A number of bug fixes in this version. The chunk cache has been optimized. Held objects will not pass into the wall. Rigidbody prop duplication has been minimized, and they are not tied down to their chunk of origin.
Edit 11-3-11: (a0.34e) Held objects can be inside the elevator without slipping away.
Edit 11-6-11: (a0.34f) Mouse-look max angle tweaked, fixes that address the mouse buttons, sensitivity tweaked, while loading the game cannot be unpaused, a checkpoint save is made when players start the game.

20 thoughts on “Against the Wall (Alpha 0.34)

  1. Enjoyable gameplay mechanic, enigmatic setting, desolate atmosphere. Quite nice.

    I found an amusing bug; if you lay the coat stand flat, push it off the edge, then stand on it for several seconds, it teleports you to a bare, blockless wall.

  2. Great game! Great Mechanics! Great atmosphere!

    me and some friends are making music for videogames, if you need something let us now (maybe the wind is enough, but some ambient music could fit in and enhance the experience, don’t know)

    greetings from argentina!

  3. Yeah love it. Really nice, creepy idea.
    The solitude is overwhelming and the check points feel like safe-houses.

  4. I had a lot more fun with this than I thought I would. Climbing the side of an infinite wall made of movable blocks (damn you, receding green blocks!) is harrowing and fascinating and somehow wonderful. Determining the method of traversing the wall takes thought and patience, and so far has paid off rather well.


  5. Great game, very addicting; unfortunately save/load doesn’t seem to work on IE9 so I gave up after reaching the tree/eyeball creature.

  6. Fantastic concept! At first I was a bit skeptical about the concept. Why would anyone want to climb up a wall? But I managed to sit here for an hour. Awesome job! Keep it up!

  7. Brilliant game! Reminded me of the golden age of the first immersive 3D games like Magic Carpet: A desolate setting, no idea of what’s going on but a clear goal, exploration is rewarded, little creepy mysteries, etc.

    I’m such a sucker for punishment that I’m tempted to try and take the first coat stand all the way up to the second, just for the challenge 馃檪

  8. Glad that you all liked the game! ResoluteFool and JademusSreg: I’ll be sure to fix those issues, thanks!
    Pylgrim: I’d advise against taking that challenge! Currently props are tied to their parent “chunk”. That is if you go too far up the wall, the scarecrow will disappear! I’ll be sure to fix this issue.

  9. Possible Bug: some of the larger blocks (>2×2) will not let you select them unless you point to the bottom third of the object. other than that, this is highly addictive, with no real end to it as far as the player can tell, I can see this getting old fairly fast, it’d definitely be nice to have a definitive end of some kind or a goal to reach.

  10. I found a serious issue in an otherwise amazing game: the mouse’s y-axis doesn’t actually invert when the option is selected. Unfortunately the game has become unplayable for me due to this bug (oversight?). I love what I’ve seen though.

    1. Will fix this, thanks! There are a bunch of bugs that need to be sorted out, will be focusing on that today.

  11. seriously awesome, I was hooked and look forward to a beta and final release, I’ve never so afraid of a game… and I’ve played amnesia! I think this really could be the next portal in terms of blowing people away with polished graphics gameplay and design. I think a subtle ambient soundtrack, like portal but less techno more fantasy, would be prefect, though if you have any major plans for story, or indeed come up with any, such as boss battle and specific puzzles and mechanics, keep them pretty hush. The reason portal was a success was mainly due to how the passive aggresive AI and that storyline came as a surprise and was brilliant. What we got here was just a taster, I’d love to think there was lots of secret development on bigger things going on. I also have a bug where when you right click to stop a block moving, a whole cunk goes invisible with just a blue block where the selected block is. I also have the bug where you have to aim at the bottom of a big block, and find this is even worse if you are higher up than the block you are selecting. Might I recommend that you aim more for a download market aswell, with greater options for graphics such as resolution, AA, motion blur, DoF, etc, as well as fitting more content in such as textures and sounds. By all means keep it working for browsers aswell if you wish, some people would not like to download a random game, but I really hope this becomes something much, much bigger! =D

  12. also, while the core gameplay mechanic is awesome and original, I don’t think it should be as limited as portal was with its ONLY TWO PORTALS AND THATS IT rule, while that was and is brilliant, I feel there is much more scope here, where the mechanic isnt the wall manipulation, but the world itself, with various types of manipulation. There should be [i]some[/i] horizontal sections but the focus should obviously be vertical. I really feel you could take some inspiration from the level design of the mario galaxy games to a degreee, but more so, antichamber. Dont rip directly, but be as innovative as these, and as you have proven to be so far, and this can go a long, long way.
    Ideas for sections could be platforms that form under you as you walk, so its a pre determined path, but you dont know it until you go that way, you could have altered gravity blocks so you either flip completely and walk on cielings, or walk entierly around the block you are on, you could have memory puzzles and skill games relying on colour based blocks or similar, and you could have action sequences. Again, youve already shown you CAN do it, so I hope this goes far. When that (SPOILERS) tree creature appeared, I was pretty terrified at first, then I though, oh this isnt so bad, stepped on, and then it CRUSHED ME! BRILLIANT game design! KEEP! IT! UP!

  13. This is truly compelling. A real treat.

    A couple notes: quickload resets the position of the crossbow you find on the first platform (I had decided to take it with me).

    Also, I don’t know the exact conditions under which this occurs, but if you’re carrying the crossbow while the first tramcar starts rising, if you subsequently drop it to the floor, it will pass through and plummet into the infinite depths. (Not sure if it would have plummeted had I simply left it on the floor for the entire ride).

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