The next release of the game will now have a functional checkpointing system. This functionality was pretty much already implemented with the general save scripts, just a matter of saving under a new file name, time-stamping the file, and knowing when to access it.

When the player dies, they can load their last save, either the Quick Save or the Auto Save. I’ve considered removing the quick save as it may break immersion. It may be frustrating to fall off the side of the world without the option to save… then again, it would make the experience all the more harrowing with one less safety net. Anyway, the checkpoints will be placed in logical locations, or fire at the completion of certain events. For the latter type, it will only save when the player is standing still on a brick, and no bricks are moving. Wouldn’t want to save the player’s progress in midair, after all.

Also, I’ve enlisted some help in creating art assets. Hopefully this will speed progress for the game along.
There is also a bug with the… city-to-forest platform where the player can fall through it. Will fix that one up. I also need to concentrate on the bug where the player clips into moving bricks!

Will be in south Jersey for the next 24 hours, so obviously there will be no progress until I get back. Ah, and I still cannot start Kickstarter, Amazon has not made the micro deposits to my bank, so I do not have the necessary verification to go ahead. I must be patient!