I’m about to launch a campaign on Kickstarter.com to get some support for Against the Wall. I’ve invested a lot of time and effort into this project so far, but progress is slow when you’re not working on a team. I need to contract out the art production in particular. I’m a programmer, not an artist, and while the assets I’ve created so far have been passable for an alpha version, they won’t really cut it on a final product. Also, I’ll need a composer, a sound designer, and probably another programmer. I say probably because while I can handle the amount of work that is required to complete the game’s coding, I may want to speed things up by delegating some of the work to another person.

Also, I should mention some of the changes that I made for yesterday’s update. I’ve added trees to the mix (pictured below), a small forested area, and green bricks. Eventually these bricks will have a mossy organic looking texture to indicate, that either they are alive, or infused by some grass-like organism. The gimmick attached to these bricks is that they do not like being touched, and will retract back into the wall if you step on them or brush against them. This can make things very difficult if you need to move vertically through them, and tricky if you need to move horizontally over a group of them.

Against the Wall - Forest

I spent two days of this week on an… event, that will take place in the area of the settlement. This event serves as a transition between the settlement and the forest.

The new version of the game also includes the aforementioned optimization that allow me to freely modify the world in-game, or change the seed for the random generator, without much consequence.

Up next: Lava bricks, timed bricks, crumbling bricks, and either a castle setting or an airport. There are also dozens of tweaks, features, and bug fixes that I need to implement. Stay tuned!

Against the Wall - Wind Turbine

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  1. I just have to say, this is a great piece of work man. I found it randomly but have since book marked it. I look forward to more areas, more places to explore, and more awesome strangeness.

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