I spent the last few days coding something that hopefully no one will ever notice. It’s tough to explain, but basically procedural generation now reads for player and designer created bricks and then builds around them. The practical result it won’t take as long to finish the game, as I can modify the procedural code without having to redo everything I’ve designed.
I felt like a rock star when I finished this!
Also, I’ll be creating a Kickstarter.com page in the near future that will hopefully get some donations. I’m not an artist, and I need help fleshing out the game world with designed artwork. More than anything, I need someone to help me in this area. It would also be good to contract a sound designer, concept artist, and a composer. More than donations, I could use help from anyone who wants to pitch in. If you know someone who has talent and can lend a hand, let me know!

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