Against the Wall (Alpha 0.32)

This update fixes the quick save/load functions in the webplayer.

The game is set on the side of an world called "The Wall," which consists of an infinite flat vertical surface. The player moves from place to place by manipulating the wall's bricks to form ledges. The game will eventually feature a story, additional hazards, new brick types, and a number of unusual locations to visit. Follow me on twitter for updates.

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  • Use the direction keys or W,A,S,D move the player. Press space to jump.
  • Click the left mouse button to interact with objects.
  • The Escape key calls the menu and frees the mouse from the webplayer.
  • Right click the game when in a menu and select Full Screen to view the game at its maximum size.
  • F5 Quick Saves the game, and F9 Quick Loads it.
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4 comments on “Against the Wall (Alpha 0.32)
  1. Lullubay says:

    Twitter hm? well now i have a reason to make myself an account xD

  2. Wall Runner says:

    Blocks don't move. Tried to reattach Use key – same result. Am i doing something wrong?

    And, well, at this point it's a great "highlighting blocks and endless falling" game XD

    • Mike says:

      Haven't heard about that bug before. Will look into it. Is this in the web player or stand alone?
      Edit: I was able to replicate this. It had to do with the script for controllers/joysticks.

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