Okay, so I spent the last three days rewriting the way in which unused chunks (groups of bricks) are stored. In the last release of the game, I introduced a feature where all chunks are saved to the hard drive rather than constantly loaded in memory. This significantly improved performance on the Windows player, but completely broke the webplayer which cannot access directories or write files. Well, I found a workaround. In the next version of the game, Alpha 0.31, there will be a webplayer. You will no longer have to download the full stand alone game to play it. It also means that the game will be playable on Macs.

Also, I just finished an editor-only algorithm which gives me the ability to save level files from changes that I make to the world in-game. That is, I can play the game, modify the bricks, and then save the changes into existing level files, or make new files as necessary (a level file is just a file that stores props and prearranged bricks). It was actually very complicated to implement, and I spent the better part of the last two days debugging it. For you, this means that I’ll be able to churn out different areas of the game at a faster rate, as I will not have to manually create level files.

Now I’m going to bed. I’ll post the webplayer once I do a bit more debugging.

2 thoughts on “New Webplayer on the Way

  1. Hi, I just found out abou your´e game (against the wall) and have to say taht it is F***ing Awesome!

    i just played it (very long… til i was so high couldn see the town anymore) and I love it! A world made out a Wall… its a very unique idea! This Game has sooo Much potential i hope you will continue with it!

    Sorry for my bad englsih i am from German xD

    and thanks for creating a really good game 😀

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