Man, I just spent the entire last week doing nothing but coding and working on this game! Several days were devoted to art. The player will be able to walk around a small town during the second level of the game, more about 2/3 of a kilometer up from the starting point. At that point in the game, there will be a few new brick types and hazards to avoid. Now I have to think of an objective for this release… perhaps the player has to grab a flag or ring a bell on the far side of the city? I just need some winning condition to put into place. The final (commercial) release will feature a number of stages with one clear story-driven end-goal. Hopefully I can gather enough interest to warrant seeing this project to its completion.

Also, I let the spam filter up for a couple of days and was flooded! I’ve set it back to its original state, meaning that if you submit a comment, I’ll have to manually approve it. Wish I could leave commenting open, but that doesn’t appear to be an option.

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