Against the Wall - Textured Windmill , FrontI spent half of today on coding and the other half on finishing up some textures for the windmill-elevator contraption. As I mentioned yesterday, the elevator in this first building functions like a ski lift. The elevator car has four arms. These arms grip either the ascending or descending parts of a large belt drive for mobility.

I also experimented with a few dynamic sky plugins. CloudsToy and Skydome. Skydome isn’t really satisfactory as the sky does not move with the player, eliminating any sense of depth (similar to the current static sky). CloudsToy is a free volumetric clouds program that generates a wide variety of beautiful cloud formations. However, the cloud generator cannot follow the player and can only work within a boxed-in area, meaning the clouds can only be confined to a tiny spot on the world.Against the Wall - Textured Windmill , Rear

I have a solution to this problem that I’ll implement tomorrow. I’m meeting with a few friends tomorrow in New York, so I won’t get much done until Friday. At that point, I hope to work on the mechanics of the elevator system and clean up the game for the 0.3 release.

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