Against the Wall - New Windmill ModelI spent Tuesday working on new art for the game’s windmill starting area. The first building will essentially function as a machine powering an elevator that will lift the player high into the sky. It’s basically a vertical ski lift that reaches a half-kilometer or so up the wall.

Making the models was no big deal, just time consuming. My real problem is with the textures. I really dislike texturing objects. I’m using Blender, which is a free but flawed 3D modeling program. It is a pain to get everything ready to bake a texture onto an object, and the results never look satisfactory. This is perhaps more due to my lack of experience… though I have been using some version of the program for several years now.

If there is anything that I am willing to spend money on, out of pocket, it would be the texturing of art assets.

I’m going to be coding again tomorrow (today). I’m pushing to get version 0.3 out so that I can get some feedback on the brick types.

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