Version Alpha 0.2 of Against the Wall, a first person platformer originally conceived for the Ludum Dare  competition #20. The Theme for that competition was “It’s Dangerous to Go Alone, Take This.” In this game, the player is on a world that consists of one infinite flat vertical surface called “The Wall.” The player finds a magic wand that allows them to advance upwards along The Wall by creating ledges in its side.

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When you start the game, you’ll need to find a magic wand. It should be located on the floor by a tall blue figure in the distance.  To pick up the wand, center the screen on it and press the left mouse button. With the wand in hand, you can manipulate the bricks that are embedded in the wall. Simply center the screen on a brick and press the left mouse button to pull it out or push it in. Use this power to create platforms that will lift you up to the windmill building far above you. Some of the bricks will be too tall for you to jump onto, so you’ll have to find alternative paths to the building’s entrances.

  • After everything has loaded, click inside the game window to begin playing.
  • Use the direction keys or W,A,S,D move the player. Press space to jump.
  • Click the left mouse button to interact with objects.
  • Press F5 to Quick-Save, F9 to Quick-Load, F8 to restart the level.
  • The Escape key frees the mouse from the webplayer.

Unity does not work on IE 64-bit. Please use another browser such as Firefox or Chrome.

6 thoughts on “Against the Wall (Alpha 0.2)

  1. Awesome game. Very unique concept. A shame I made it all the way to the end, just for nothing to happen! Speaking of which, the text that shows in the windwill should be white. It’s very dark in the room and I had to go outside just to read it. Also, shouldn’t the wand be attached to the camera so that it’ll point in the direction the player is facing?

  2. amazing.
    I’m waiting for the next wip.
    -change the color of the last string. “you ‘ve made it…”
    -put some discreet atmospheric music. (even loyalty free music)
    -use more textures. (unless you’re aiming for some minimalistic look, witch is OK)
    -don’t give up

    you even implemented a shadow system!( free version of unity does not provide shadows)


    I found about you from “”

  3. This is too EPIC really awesome i never see any cool game like this i really want this to get continued! and really need music for this !


  4. Awsome!!! Love it!!

    Maybe a multiplayer version where the each player starts on a different side of the wall and can retract/expand each other’s block so can knock each other off? Would be amazing.

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