My grad school finals period ended last Monday and now I have some time to work on the project. Problem is that without time constraints, production has actually been slower. I can probably say that I’ve accomplished more in the 48 hours of the competition than in the last two weeks! School may have been a factor.

Anyway, I’ve finished the world generator and added an algorithm that gives a varied but set seed. This world should start out the same for everyone who plays it. This was done to facilitate story. The cities, towns, farms, etc.  of the world need to be fixed and within a short distance of each other (excluding mass transportation) for the game to be cohesive and lack needless trekking through the world.

I’ve also scrapped both the rigidbody and scripted character motors which I created in favor of heavily modified C# version of the motor that comes with Unity. It’s actually enjoyable to jump around now!  For added challenge, the player is now much smaller vs the bricks, meaning the two larger block sizes are insurmountable when jumping at them from the base. I eventually plan to add “vaulting”, that is, the ability to climb up and over the smaller bricks by walking or jumping into them.

Sounds have been added to the bricks as they move, and dust particles fall off of them as they move. The actual sound that I am using is pretty grating. My experience with sound design is limited, so this will be fairly tricky to pull off.

Here is a plot of features that I plan on implementing in the next week:

  • Chunk Overrides
  • City Generator
  • Death
  • Player Cache and Saving
  • City Assets
  • Parachuting

Also, I hope to have a new player up before the end of the month.

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