Just a few updates since last week that will lead to my Alpha 1.0 release of the game. First, I implemented an inventory system in which the player can store and use items that they pick up. This is akin to an adventure game inventory, and is specifically modeled after the one found in Amnesia: The Dark Descent. This will eventually include a feature where you can combine two objects together. Nothing groundbreaking, just a functional place to keep your stuff. I am considering the removal of any inventory limit. However, this kind of exploration-focused game may benefit from restrictions on how much a player can carry, since players will be induced to craft homes for themselves to keep their things safe, ala Minecraft. A full menu system has also been written, but the other features, such as the “Options” page do not work at all yet.

Second, speaking of Minecraft, I have completely rewritten the procedural generation scripts so now not only is it hundreds of times faster, but the world can stretch out infinitely! (Within the limits of floating point numbers, that is). I just have to work out a system for caching the world as it is produced, and saving changes to the world made by the player.

Third, The first-person controller has been rewritten so that it handles a bit better. No more super-sensitivity or slow jumping! I need to work on the ledge interaction with the player a bit though, making sure that the player is pushed smoothly when hit by an extending brick. A skybox is also in the works… it isn’t nice enough looking though, I will have to rework it.

These changes will be reflected in an update in the near future. Stay tuned! Check out the Play page to try the buggy Ludum Dare #20 prototype version.

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